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As a prior photographer myself, I'm all about creating something out of nothing. I know gorgeous images don't always begin that way, and it definitely isn't just your camera doing the heavy lifting. It takes research, know-how, and a whole lot of skill to create that stunner shot.
I'm here to help you design that gorgeous brand you've been dreaming of. Your work and clients deserve it. 

I'm Tiffany Rebel
Hey there!

Hey there!

I'm a Midwestern gal, a very dedicated yet very subpar Peloton junkie, a total podcast fanatic, and sorry, not sorry... I will never miss a Bachelor Monday without a glass of wine.

Most days, I’ll be rocking a messy bun, drinking cold coffee & wearing pajamas past noon. My three kids keep me on my toes and in a constant state of sleep deprivation. On weeknights, I'll be binging Schitt's Creek with my husband. That, or obsessing over home remodels on Pinterest that I will never gain the courage to take on!

I'm a huge fan of design and have been creating websites before Xanga. I mix in lots of marketing experience, personality, and serious fun to create drool-worthy websites

Oh & for bonus points, I don't mess around! With our In Focus Intensives, you can launch your new custom website in just three days. It's that simple! When you're ready for a brand that speaks to you, and your clients. I'll be here in the studio, creating with entrepreneurs, like you in mind.

I'm also super-duper obsessed with design and helping women accomplish their dreams.

I'm your web designer, soul sister, and serial exclamation point user.

In today's competitive market, it's all about standing out from the competition. You're eager to show off the years of work you've put in. You're busy running a business and understand time is money. You've got this dream that's just been waiting to be launched... 

and you're finally ready to go all in.

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My tv shows:
My favorite food:
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Fried Sushi & Watermelon
Something Corporate & Jimmy Eat World
Mom, strategist, Showit website designer

A few fun facts:
The Bachelor (hands down!)
Cody Rigsby on Peloton
Stella Rosa Moscato
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Fun fact:
in the backyard with my family
Target is my happy place.
I have a geographical tongue.


As a photographer myself, I know the time and energy you have spent perfecting your craft. This investment is crucial to raising your prices and setting your brand apart from the photog down the street. Because of that, I only work with a small number of clients every year to ensure that your project gets the time and attention it deserves!


I believe your new brand and website should be the marketing partner you never had. That’s why I offer many bonus educational resources for success before, during, and after our time together.


I make the small stuff a priority. I believe that even the smallest detail can make the hugest difference in your brand and client experience. That's why I go above and beyond to make your designs stand out!


I have been where you are, I know how hard it is to juggle all the things! I know the struggle of multi-tasking photography clients, sessions and family life- it's near impossible! That's why I am so passionate about taking design off your plate and helping you reach your goals! 


My real-life marketing experience has taught me the importance of going past the design. How and why it is so important to create something that isn't just pretty, but also marketable and conversion-focused.


Where others may see this experience purely as business, my goal is connect with you on a deeper, more personal level. I want you to feel like you gained a trusted brand partner and life-long cheerleader!

Why work with me?

NOt to toot my own horn, but...

Use the scheduler below to book a brand exploration where we will discuss your brand and determine if our design process is the best fit for your brand! 

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