Hi, I'm Tiffany, the heart and soul behind Rebel Studio Design. With years of experience in the design industry, I've found my calling in helping brands authentically showcase their talent and passion online. My mission is to help you create online experiences that not only look stunning, but also strategically attract dream clients and set you apart.

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At Rebel Studio Design, we believe that every brand has the power to make a positive impact. We're passionate about storytelling, and know your brand is more than just aesthetics. I'm here to empower your brand through the designs we create. We know the online space is crowded, but we're here to make sure your voice isn’t just heard; it echoes.

My Philosophy:

"Be someone who makes someone look forward to tomorrow."

Design without the hassle, one week is all it takes.

In today's competitive market, it's all about your online presence. You're tired of your boring brand and outdated website. You're hustling hard in your business, where every second counts. You're eager to attract clients who truly resonate with what you stand for. Partnering with RSD is more than just a process; this is an experience to revolutionize the future of your brand. 

To help you get where you need to be.

specializing in STAND OUT DESIGN

We've had the privilege of partnering with over 250 incredible women entrepreneurs nationwide, helping them elevate their brand presence and carve out a unique space in their industry.


87% of our clients have shared that their revenue has doubled and they're working with more dream clients since they've launched their new brand and website with us! 


We're here to guide you toward the dream of running your business full-time. We stand by our 100% success rate, dedicated to seeing every client transition to running their business full-time.

Here's how we're changing
the game:

Your brand should not only attracts your audience but also resonates with them. This is why I'm deeply passionate about helping businesses like yours leverage their vision. I've seen the incredible transformation that occurs when you have confidence in your brand, captivating clients who truly value and understand your professionalism. If you're ready for your brand to step into the spotlight with style and substance, I'm here to make it happen.

As a past photographer,

I know the struggles you have as a business owner and the importance of having a stand out online presence.

Take a Peek At Our Past Projects

Check out a few of the designs we're still raving about and what our clients had to say!

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Moody Momma Photography

"Working with Rebel Studio Design has been an incredible journey from start to finish.  I AM IN TEARS! My brand and website look so good! If you're in search of a web design/branding partner that truly understands your vision and brings it to life with precision and creativity, Rebel Studio Design is the one for you!  Tiffany just made the whole process so fun and easy!"

"My new website truly sets me apart from the competition!"

client reviews
Rebecca Skidgel Photography

"Tiffany created literally everything I wanted and more and I'm honestly blown away with all of it. I'm OBSESSED with my new branding and website and I couldn't recommend her enough. She was amazing at communicating and answering any questions I had. I'm sooo glad I hired Tiffany to do my branding and web design and I'm almost sad that the process is over haha!"

"100000/10 recommend Rebel Studio Design!!!"

client reviews
Kate Fortin Photography

"This whole process just blew my mind. Everything came together better than I ever expected. She sent out a questionnaire so she can get to know me and my brand. She also had me put together a Pinterest board so she can really see what I was going for and SHE NAILED IT. I will forever recommend Rebel Studio Design to everyone I know "

"Rebel studio Design is OUTSTANDING!!"

client reviews
Kate James Photography

"Her creative eye and attention to detail sets her a part from others. She has such an amazing way of putting your personality, brand, goals etc on display for others! I loved how personable she was and how prompt she was with communication."

"Tiffany truly has so much talent!"

client reviews
Kimberly Hendershot Photography

Whether your website needs updating or you are starting from ground zero like me, Tiffany will go above and beyond in helping you create the DREAM website and branding! Her work is absolutely phenomenal and I seriously can’t believe that this is MY website! I haven’t seen and can’t imagine anything better!! 

"Tiffany made the entire process so easy!!"

client reviews
Tifani Beecher Photography

"I wanted my "why" to come across my website and potential clients to get a sense of what I'm about as a person/photographer. Tiffany did just that. My website is totally "me" and gives all the information in a beautiful, easy to use format. "

"Tiffany at Rebel Studio Design totally got me."
client reviews
Lia Pizarro Photography

"Tiffany's your girl! I love how personal she was with me. She chatted with me as a best friend that understands me! From start to finish she is so direct in the communication. She really lays it all out for you! I was going into this to re design my brand and website, and came out with a website that is truly all me! I look at it and I am so happy!"

"Tiffany just understood the assignment!"
client reviews
Debby Hoefnagels Photo

"Tiffany was amazing tot work with! From start to finish, the process was seamless and professional. She took the time to understand my business needs and goals, and not only looked warm and inviting but also functioned perfectly. Her work speaks for itself, and I am confident that anyone who works with her will be just as impressed as I was."

"I would recommend her to everyone!"

client reviews
Brittany Sagardia Photography

"Working" with Tiffany was not actually work-I looked forward to our call and to all of the website pages she was sending me. Every page was intentional and she truly understood what I wanted out of the project. She will be my first stop if I ever have to revise my website for any reason. From the bottom of my heart-thank YOU, Tiffany!!!!

"I would recommend Tiffany and Rebel Studio Design a million times over!"

client reviews
Heather Scharf Photography

"She knows what a compelling site should look like and how it should all flow seamlessly together. Once we landed on the colors and elements she put it all together so beautifully! I was blown away at the the first draft even!"

"Tiffany just gets it!! I love how 'ME' my website feels!"

client reviews
Jennifer Dubler Photography

"My brand and website are everything I dreamed of and more! The process itself was so organized and quick! I love that I was included in all the decision making, as if I was building it all myself, but without the stress and taking the time.  It was like your bestie was helping you!"

"EVERYTHING I've ever dreamed of and MORE."

client reviews
Brandi Olson Photography

"I had the mindset that this was something I could do myself and save some money, but this was MORE than worth it.  Tiffany was great with communicating with me, answering questions, making revisions, and keeping me updated throughout the process. I'm so happy with the final brand and website design. Highly recommend Tiffany!"

I" am SO glad I finally decided to reach out to Tiffany to have a professional created website!"

client reviews

Partner with Rebel Studio Design. We go beyond the design to redefine your brand- knowing that it's more than just a website or pretty logo,

it's a platform for connection.

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