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You just spent months pouring your time, heart (and money) into your new Showit website or branding and are finally about to launch it… YOU ARE EXCITED TO BE DONE AND PROUD OF WHAT YOU CREATED. But what’s next? How do you successfully launch your new online presence to the world and make the most […]

How to create hype around your website launch!

Two friends building a website together.

It’s time to ditch that annoying waitlist and grab a nice chilled bottle of Saracco. You’ve been putting this website off for ages because who has time to actually build a website!? I get it. There’s a major tech learning curve when it comes to designing a website but with a little help and some […]

What to expect during our Showit Web Design Intensives!

Napa Valley wedding photographer Rebecca Skidgel approached me with a problem I’ve heard of many times before. Her branding and DIY website looked okay, but it really didn’t feel like her. Personality, playfulness, and charisma were lacking – and that was the last thing she wanted to display. Through this project, Rebecca was to not […]

Rebecca Skidgel | Brand + Website Design